Reflections on the Yeast of the Kingdom
“The First Children of the Divine Will”

From the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”

VOL. 34 - May 20, 1936

“In addition to this, on this day of My Ascension I had a Double Crown: the Crown of My children whom I brought with Me into the Celestial Fatherland, and the Crown of My children whom I left on earth, symbol of the few who will begin the Kingdom of My Divine Will. All those who saw Me Ascend to Heaven received so many Graces, that everyone gave his life in order to make the Kingdom of the Redemption known, and they cast the foundations in order to form My Church so as to gather all the human generations into Her Maternal Womb. The same for the first children of the Kingdom of My Will; they will be few, but the Graces with which they will be invested will be such and so many, that they will give their lives in order to call everyone to Live in this Holy Kingdom.

“A cloud of Light invested Me, that took My Presence away from the sight of the disciples, who remained as enraptured in watching My Person. So much was the enchantment of My Beauty, that it kept their pupils enraptured, so much so that they did not know how to lower them to look at the earth, so much so that an Angel was needed to shake them and make them return to the Cenacle. This too is a symbol of the Kingdom of My Volition. Such and so much will be the Light that will invest Its first children that they will carry the Beauty, the Enchantment, the Peace of the Divine Fiat, in a way that they will easily surrender themselves to wanting to know and to love a Good so Great.

VOL. 25 - April 4, 1929

How the first who will Live in the Divine Fiat will be like the YEAST of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

My abandonment is in the Holy Volition, which, like powerful magnet, draws me to Itself, to administer to me, sip by sip, Its life, Its light, Its prodigious, admirable and adorable knowledges. So, my mind was wandering within It, and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, (Luisa) the first who will do My Divine Will and will Live in It, will be like the yeast of Its Kingdom. The many knowledges which I have manifested to you (Luisa) about My Divine Fiat will be like the flour for the bread, which, in finding the yeast, becomes fermented – as much flour as one puts in. But the flour is not enough – it takes the yeast and the water in order to form the true bread, to nourish the human generations. In the same way, the yeast of the few who Live in My Divine Volition is necessary to Me, as well as the multiplicity of the knowledges about It, which will serve as the mass of light that will give all the goods which are needed in order to nourish and make happy all those who want to Live in the Kingdom of My Divine Will. Therefore, do not worry if you are alone and few are those who know, in part, what regards My Divine Will; as long as the little portion of the yeast is formed, united to Its knowledges, the rest will come by itself.”

VOL. 35 - October 31, 1937

“These Acts are Divine; they are able to form the passport for other creatures, to let them enter the Kingdom of Our Will. They will give a Child to Our Kingdom, so that the more Acts will be performed in Our Volition, the more populated Our Kingdom will be, and all the Good will overflow to those who have been the first to give life to My Will in their acts. You must know that the first passports were formed by Me, and by My Celestial Mother, for the first Children of My Will. These passports carry My Signature, written with My Blood and with the sufferings of the Most Holy Virgin. All other passports still need My Signature; otherwise they would not be recognized.

“Therefore, one who Lives in My Will has My Life as principle, My Love as heartbeat, My Works and steps as endowment, and My very Will as Word. I feel Myself in this creature, and O, how much I Love her and feel Loved by My same Love! And the soul feels such joy and contentment that she Loves Me no longer with her little love, but with My Eternal Love. She hugs Me with My Works; she runs after Me with My Steps; she feels that I am her Life—she finds all in Me, and I in her. Therefore, be attentive, daughter, if you want to be happy, and make Me Happy as well.”

The Acts of the First Children of the Divine Will will save the other creatures

VOL. 12 - September 28, 1917

The acts done in the Divine Will are suns which illuminate all, and will serve to put in safety those who have a little bit of good will.

Continuing in my usual state, my sweet Jesus told me: "My daughter, (Luisa) darkness is thick and creatures precipitate more. Even more, in this darkness they are digging the abyss in which they will perish. The mind of man has remained blind, and it has no more light to look at good - only at evil; and evil will inundate him, and will make him perish. So, where they believed to find safety, they will find death. Ah! my daughter, ah! my daughter."

Then He added: "The acts done in My Will are like suns which illuminate all; and as long as the act of the creature lasts in My Will, one more sun shines in the blind minds, and those who have a little bit of good will will find the light to escape from the precipice. All the others will perish. Therefore, in these times of thick darkness, how much good is done by the acts of the creature done in My Will. For those who will escape, it will be only by virtue of these acts." Having said this, He withdrew.

Then He came back again and added: "I (Jesus) can say that the soul who does My Will and lives in It is My carriage, and I hold the reins of everything. I hold the reins of her mind, of her affections, of her desires, and I leave not even one of them in her power. And sitting on her heart in order to be more comfortable, My dominion is complete and I do whatever I want. Now I make the carriage run; now I make it fly; now it brings Me to Heaven; now I go around the whole earth; now I stop. Oh! how glorious and victorious I Am - I Dominate and I Reign.

But if the soul does not do My Will and lives from the human will, the carriage falls apart. She takes the reins away from Me, and I remain without dominion, like a poor king who has been thrown out of his kingdom. And the enemy takes My place, while the reins remain at the mercy of her own passions."

The First Children of the Divine Will will form the net to catch all the creatures who will Live in the Divine Will

VOL. 20 - November 2, 1926

I continued My Living in the Divine Fiat, and while doing my acts in It, I absorbed light which, in reflecting itself, made as many threads of light come out, which formed a net of light that extended over the earth in order to catch the creatures. Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), every time you do your around in My Will, you take more light in order to form the net with which to catch the creatures. And do you know what this net is? My knowledges. The more knowledges I manifest to you (Luisa) about the eternal Fiat, the more I dispose and enlarge the net in order to catch the souls who must Live in My Kingdom, and this disposes the Lord to give them to you (Luisa). When you do your round in Our Most Holy Divine Will, by virtue of the Divine Will, your acts become Light, and extend so much as to touch the Divinity, and draw more Light of Truth into the midst of creatures.”


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