Visiting All the Apartments of Creation and Redemption Every Day
From the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta
“The Little Daughter of the Divine Will”

In Volume 22 Jesus tells Luisa that he wants her to visit all the apartments of creation and redemption every day.

In order to do this the soul should repeat for each act she enters into “Come Divine Will come enclose me in the Fiat – thank you for myself and for all – Jesus I love you – let your Kingdom come”

For example, if the soul enters into Jesus’ birth; instead of saying “Come Divine Will come enclose me in Jesus’ birth; the soul should say “Come Divine Will come enclose me in the Fiat – thank you for myself and for all – Jesus I love you – let your Kingdom come”

By saying Come Divine Will come enclose me in the Fiat less words are used so it is easier to move from act to act.

Also by saying” thank you for myself and for all” in the above phrase for each act, the soul performs a reparation for the ingratitude of those who do not want to enter and possess the apartments of creation and redemption.

The soul should also use the Mysteries of the 70 decade rosary document as a reference to enter all the apartments of Creation and Redemption.

Below is the passage about visiting all the apartments of Creation and Redemption.

VOL. 22 – August 9, 1927
I was following the Divine Will in Its acts, and my beloved Jesus followed me with His gaze to see whether I would visit all of His works; and He told me: “My daughter, I am watching to see whether you visit all my territories. You must know that Creation is a territory of mine; Redemption is added territories; even more, my childhood, my tears and baby wailings, my prayers, my works, my steps, my hidden and public life, are as many apartments of mine which I formed within my territories. There is not one thing I did and pain I suffered, which I did not use to expand the boundaries of the divine territories in order to give them to creatures. Now, every day I look at whether at least the little daughter of my Will visits all my territories and enters each of my apartments; and when I see you begin your round to visit the sun, the stars, the heavens, the sea and all created things, I feel that my territories, which with so much love I formed and gave to creatures, are not abandoned - there is at least one who visits them; and if she visits them, it means that she loves them and has accepted the gift.
And I anxiously wait for you to continue your visits in Bethlehem, the place in which I was born, and visit my tears, my pains, my steps, my works, the miracles I performed, the Sacraments I instituted, my Passion, my Cross – in sum, everything. And I make you aware if anything escapes you, that you make your little visit, be it even in passing; and – oh! how content I am that my apartments are all being visited. My daughter, what a sorrow it is to give and not to be recognized, to give and have no one who takes the good one wants to give. And do you know what I do? When I see you, all by yourself, going around throughout all my territories and visiting my apartments, I give you all the goods which are in them, in such a way that, what I should give to others, I centralize in you. So, I give you everything and you give Me everything. In fact, in order to be able to give everything to the soul, I must find everything in her, and in order for her to be able to give Me everything, she must possess everything. One who has everything, has the capacity of being able to give Me everything and to receive everything.”

The following are other passages that talk about visiting all the apartments of Creation and Redemption:

VOL. 18 – November 19, 1925
To live in my Will is precisely this: to keep company with all the acts which my Will does. My Will does not want to live isolated in the midst of Creation, but wants the company of the creature, because of whom – because It loves her so much – It maintains the order of the whole Creation and makes Itself life of each thing. And when It finds the soul who keeps It company in this life which It maintains in the whole universe, my Will rejoices, makes feast and feels happy. It finds the one whom It loves, and by whom It is loved in return; It finds one to whom It can make Itself known, and what It possesses; and in Its happiness, It narrates to the soul the secrets of Its Volition, Its value and Its surprising effects.

VOL. 20 – October 15, 1926
“Little daughter of my Will, it is just, it is necessary, it is a right of both sides – both yours and of my Will – that whoever is a child of my Will follow the multiplicity of the acts of my Will, and that my Will receive them into Its acts. A father would be unhappy, if he did not feel his son at his side, in order to be followed by his son in his acts; nor would the son feel loved by the father if, putting him aside, the father would not let himself be followed by his son. Therefore, daughter of my Will and newborn in It means exactly this: to follow all of Its acts as a faithful daughter.

VOL. 24 – August 15, 1928
My abandonment in the Fiat is continuous. It seems to me that It wants me in all of Its acts, either as actor together with It, or at least as spectator of what It does. In fact, since the eternal Volition possesses the incessant act, Its nature is always to act, never ceasing to operate; and since I am a little child, It is content with keeping me either in one way or in the other, as long as I remain with It. So, continuing my round through the whole Creation, I thought to myself: ‘Is it necessary - does Jesus really want me to go around everywhere?’ And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, to live in my Divine Will is to let oneself be found by God in each created thing, so that the Supreme Being may find in all of His works the one whom He loved, whom He called from nothing out of love, and for whom He created so many varieties of beautiful and marvelous works.
If He did not find you in each of His works, He would lack the echo of your love, of your gratitude, and would be as though without you in those works in which you would not go around, as if He had not done them for you; while Our purpose in calling you to live in Our Divine Will is precisely this: for Us, to find you in Our works, and for you, to find Us in each created thing – you, giving Us your little love; We, giving you the great love We had in creating so many things – and uniting your love and Ours together to form one single love, so as to be able to say: ‘How much the little daughter of Our Divine Will loves Us!’
Otherwise, Our love and Our works would remain isolated and without the company of the one for whom We created everything, while to live in the Divine Will is communism between Creator and creature; becoming inseparable, wherever one is, the other is as well, and the creature finds her little place in everything that God does. Don’t you want to find your little place in all the works of Creation and Redemption? Therefore, continue your flight, and let yourself be carried in the arms of my Fiat; It will take care of placing the little newborn in each of Its works.”

VOL. 27 - October 30, 1929 One who lives in the Divine Will can go around in all the works of God and acquires the divine rights.
The sweet enchantment of the Omnipotent Fiat keeps me as though eclipsed in It with Its light, and I can see nothing but all of Its acts, to place my
‘I love You’ as a seal upon each one of Its acts in order to ask for the Kingdom of Its Divine Will in the midst of creatures. Now, before my mind I saw a great wheel of light which filled the whole earth; and while the center of the wheel was all one light, many rays were sticking out around it for as many acts as the Divine Fiat had done, and I moved from one ray to another to place on them the seal of my ‘I love You’, to then leave it in each ray asking continuously for the Kingdom of Its Divine Will. Now, while I was doing this, my always lovable Jesus, coming out of my interior, told me: “My daughter, with one who lives in my Divine Will and forms her acts in It, these acts remain as the work of the creature, binding God to give her the rights of a Kingdom so holy, and therefore the rights to make It known and to make It reign upon earth. In fact, the soul who lives in my Fiat reacquires all the acts of It done for love of creatures. God renders her the conqueror not only of His Will, but of all Creation; there is not one act of It in which the creature does not place her act, be it even one ‘I love You’, one ‘I adore You’, etc. So, having placed something of her own, everything remains bound, and my Fiat feels happy because finally It has found the fortunate creature to whom It can give what It wanted to give with so much love from the very beginning of the creation of all the universe.
Therefore, by living in my Divine Will, the creature enters into the divine order, she becomes the proprietor of Its works, and, by right, she can give and ask for others that which is her own. And since she lives in It, her rights are divine, and she asks by a right that is divine, not human. Each of her acts is a call that she makes to her Creator, and with His very divine empire, she says to Him:
‘Give me the Kingdom of your Divine Will, that I may give It to creatures, so that It may reign in their midst, and all of them may love You with divine love, and be all reordered in You.’ Now, you must know that every time you go around in my Will to put something of your own, it is one more divine right that you acquire to ask for a Kingdom so holy. This is why, as you go around in It, all the works of Creation come forward before you, and all those of Redemption line up around you, waiting for you, so as to receive, each one of them, your act, to give you the requital of the act of Our works; and you keep tracing them one by one, to recognize them, embrace them, to place your little ‘I love You’, and your kiss of love to make a purchase of them. In Our Fiat there is neither ‘yours’ nor ‘mine’ between Creator and creature, but everything is communion, and therefore, by right, she can ask for whatever she wants. Oh! how afflicted and sorrowful I would feel amid so many pains and acts of mine done while I was on earth, if the little daughter of my Divine Will did not even recognize them and did not try to place around my act the cortege of her love and of her act. How could I give you the right if you did not recognize them? And even less could you make them your own. Recognizing Our works is not only a right that We give, but possession. Therefore, if you want my Divine Will to reign, always go around in Our Fiat, recognize all Our works, from the smallest to the greatest, place your act in each one of them, and everything will be granted to you.”


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