27 April 2008

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Prayer of offering of self as victim together with Luisa
on Ascension Thursday

Letter of Luisa #19
"As far as the vow, do it on the day of Ascension,
so that sweet Jesus may bring your will to Heaven as
the most beautiful victory He has achieved over you..."

My lovable Jesus, I come to You, under the blue mantle of Our Blessed Mother Mary, linked with Luisa, and offer myself as victim of Your hidden Life. As Your hidden Life was Victim for the whole interior life of man, which repaired for the bad thoughts, desires, tendencies and affections of man, so I, linked to Luisa, offer myself as victim for the purpose of Your hidden Life.

With Luisa, I consecrate and offer all my interior to You to satisfy You for the evil interior of other creatures. In this way I will better know how much Your state of Victim cost You. Please accept my humble offering of victim, which is equivalent to receiving a second Baptism with effects that are even greater than Baptism itself.
With Luisa, I want to rise again in Your own Life as victim to live in You and of You. O Jesus, wash me from every stain and give me a New Baptism. Strengthen me in Grace to be able to be admitted to live with You. With Luisa I beg You to consider anything I do as Yours rather than my own, so that whatever I pray, speak or work, I can say that these are Your things.
With Luisa I promise to be more nimble, trusting, brave and more intimate with You, with no thought for myself, knowing that I am no longer owner of myself, otherwise I would cancel this state of victim.
This Baptism of Victim will be a Baptism of Fire that will not only purify, but also consume any passions and evil tendencies. You Yourself will baptize my soul, O Jesus, so that Your Thought baptizes my thought, Your Heartbeat will baptize my heartbeat, Your Desire will baptize my desire. Linked with Luisa, I promise never to take back what I give You - my will - confident that Luisa will fulfill this promise in me.
As You told Luisa, “This is the mission of missions - the apostolate of apostolates,” and one with Luisa I promise to be always with You, and all intent within You. Amen.
(From the offering of self as victim of Fr. G. - Volume 11 - March 8 & 13, 1912)

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